Harvesting goodness
in the heart of Australia

Together, we’ve realised our dream of growing Quinoa under the Australian sun.

Three Farmers: A big dream under an Australian sun

We’re growing an ancient superfood here in Australia.

Our beginnings

Three Farmers has been growing quinoa since 2010. For an ancient grain, that’s not very long, but long enough to learn a few things: it’s less predictable than the crops we’ve grown up producing; there are equal doses of art and science required to get it right; and there’s a roller-coaster ride waiting for you if you want to take this exceptional ancient grain into commercial production!

We’re down the track a little now, but there’s plenty of road ahead, so we’re inviting you on a journey with us. After all, if you’re taking a road less travelled, you don’t want to take it alone, right?

So climb aboard, enjoy Three Farmers Quinoa and be part of our dream: growing the ancient grain of quinoa under an Australian sun.



pink quinoa

the three of them