Our Story

Once upon a farm, there were three people: a scientist, an agronomist and an accountant. They shared one thing in common – they were all farmers.

One day, as they nattered about crop yields, weather forecasts and grain prices they had a fanciful idea:


With too many ‘why nots’ to say no, a dream was born: three farmers growing a superfood under an Australian sun.

So enjoy your quinoa, it’s brimming with goodness and, in the eating, you’re wrapped up in a story that’s only just beginning.


Who we are

Ashley Wiese

Ashley owns and manages a family farming operation in Narrogin WA, with his wife Jo and a team of wonderful staff. He swapped a career as an accountant to pursue his passion of growing food on his property which has been in his family for four generations. He is a father, husband and entrepreneur who is passionate about the pathway from the farmer’s paddock to the customer’s plate.

Ashley takes his responsibility as a custodian of the land very seriously , and is proud of the fact that he makes food with just his nurtured soil and the rain that falls from the sky. After a journey that has taken 8 years to unfold he is finally excited to be able to take Australian-grown quinoa straight from the farm onto the plate.
“It has been an amazingly rewarding experience connecting to the people who enjoy eating the food we grow.”
Three Farmers love Ashley for his passion and dedication to establishing a Quinoa variety that loves Australia as much as we do!
Ashley’s favourite way to eat quinoa:
Quinoa porridge for breakfast.

Megan Gooding

Megan farms with her husband, Damien and his family near Dumbleyung. In between farming and raising two small children she devotes her time to learning more about quinoa.
After completing university and attaining a PhD in Agriculture, Megan returned to her family farm in Narrogin to farm with her parents. With a variable climate and volatile grain prices, Megan wanted to diversify the farm and researched a number of options before deciding to trial quinoa. It turns out that Megan wasn't the only one having thoughts of quinoa and diversification and that's part of the genesis of Three Farmers.
Megan has shared this journey with her family, who also love the challenges, trials and successes of learning to grow a new crop.

“Growing Quinoa has been like a roller-coaster so far and I can’t wait to see where the ride will take us next!”

Three Farmers love Megan for her amazing drive and for keeping them on track and focused. She’s the reason things get done and there’s not much she doesn’t know about quinoa!

Megan’s Favourite way to eat Quinoa:
Quinoa Risotto – who has the time for all that stirring with rice risotto, no need for that when using quinoa!

Garren Knell

Garren grew up on his family’s market garden. Working alongside his parents taught Garren the value of growing quality produce and developed his great appreciation for the land, sowing the seeds for his future career path as an independent farming consultant.

Garren and his wife, Zoe, own a small farm on the outskirts of Narrogin, an ideal location for raising their three boys and trialling plots of quinoa.

The adventure of growing an ancient grain in the West Australian Wheatbelt has been a dream come true for an agronomist come foodie. When not working or thinking about Quinoa (sometimes it happens!), you’ll find Garren cooking up a curry in the kitchen or tending to his beloved veggie garden (it’s in his blood!).

“I’ve enjoyed the challenge of working out how to grow an ancient crop in a modern farming system without an instruction book. It’s been fun!”

Three Farmers love Garren for his positive approach to life and genuine love for people and all things Quinoa!

Garren’s favourite way to eat Quinoa:
In one of his famous curries!

Sustainable Farming

We grow quinoa sustainably. What does that even mean?
In short, it means we care.
We care about the environment in which our quinoa is grown; we care about the soil (the past, present and future) into which it is grown; and we care about the livelihood of the broader environment: the families whose agricultural livelihoods are sustained by the successful and sustainable commercialisation of our crop. READ MORE >

Why Quinoa?

Quinoa is known as an ancient grain, having been grown in the Andes region of South America for over 4000 years. Three Farmers has now successfully grown and produced the superfood under an Australian sun. READ MORE >

  • High quality protein source
  • Wheat and gluten-free
  • High in essential amino acids
  • High in antioxidants
  • Rich in minerals
  • Contains Omega 3


Our quinoa is grown by a select group of passionate Australia farmers using sustainable farming practices.


Our Golden Quinoa is delicious – super-tasty and softly-textured with a subtle nutty flavour. It’s a great substitute for rice or other grains.